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Vapers Tongue - What is it and is there a way to prevent it?

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Here's the deal, when you vape your favorite vape juice every day, you could possibly develop Vaper's tongue.  It's no fun to vape and not taste your favorite flavor!  According to the vaping community, Vaper's tongue most commonly develops when your taste buds are overloaded with the same flavor too often.  Vaper's tongue typically will only last from about 1-4 days but occasionally can last for up to 1-2 weeks.  Vaping e-juice too much, can cause some fatigue of the tongue and also what Vapers refer to as dry mouth!  Make sure you are drinking a lot of water throughout the day to help prevent any of this from happening to you!

Another big part of developing Vaper's tongue is actually your sense of smell.  The more you breathe in the smell of something, the more your brain essentially comments it out and it is either dulled or possibly not able to be smelled at all (Think garbage man or plumber).

One more big issue as to why Vapers are not able to taste flavor would be if they have smoked or recently quit smoking.  Studies have shown that smoking will impair sense of taste and smell dramatically.  So, if you are a smoker that has switched to vaping, just keep this in mind as it may take some time to develop those senses again.

What are some possible ways to prevent Vaper's tongue?

There really isn't a right answer to this question as each person is different and unique.  However, we have compiled a list of 8 techniques to help prevent (not proven) Vaper's tongue that worked for us and many other Vapers around the world.

1) Drink lots of Water!
I believe this is the most important technique that is listed.  If you don't drink water, you will become dehydrated and develop dry mouth which in turn could cause Vaper's tongue.  This is especially important if you have just started vaping or have switched from smoking.  Drink up!

2) Don't vape the same flavor all the time
As mentioned above, vaping the same flavor can exhaust your sense of taste and smell.  Switch up your flavor profile if you believe that flavors are becoming muted to you.  The best way to help with this is to switch flavor profiles. Ex: If you vape a fruity flavor, try vaping a dessert flavor instead and then go back after vaping the new flavor for a while.

3) Clean your tongue off
Although a tongue scraper may be the best bet to help.  We recommend at least brushing your tongue when brushing your teeth.  This will help remove any film that may have accumulated on your tongue from eating, smoking, etc.  A clean tongue will help your taste buds react better to flavor.

4) Use minty mouthwash
Although this could be considered with technique number 3, it is a great way to reset your senses.  Once that minty flavor has dissipated from your mouth, give vaping a go!

5) Less smoking
As mentioned above, there have been studies about loss of taste/smell when smoking.  If these studies are correct, it would mean that the less you smoke, the more you will taste. Give it a try!

6) Are you sick?
Being sick can easily dull your taste buds and almost eliminate your sense of smell.  You can't really prevent being sick so much so we more or less just threw this in here as an FYI!  Feel better, and you will most likely begin to gain your sense of smell and taste back.

7) Sniff something potent (coffee grounds)
Many experts use this technique to reset their taste buds.  Essentially what you are doing is re-training your nose.  Sniff something that has a strong odor (coffee grounds) for a few minutes multiple times a day.  Sniff away!

8) Cut back on alcohol and caffeine
I never new this one but after some digging, research has shown that the sense of smell declines as ones blood alcohol content level rises.  With too much caffeine, it can definitely dry out your mouth.  So again, drink more water!

Let us know in the comments what you have done or are dealing with so we can attempt to help.

If you'd like a few other remedies that may be beneficial, check out the link below.

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