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Vape company under fire from State Governments

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It's no secret that vaping and vape juice has been heavily scrutinized for the last several years, both by advocacy groups and legislators alike. However, there's one particular company that seems to be getting the brunt of most of the attention. We're not going to say their name here, but it rhymes with drool. Here's what's been going on.

It all started a couple of years ago with the explosion of pod-style vaping and the widely available device that swallowed nearly 75% of the market. When that started happening, the scrutiny of vaping turned up, and the widely misinterpreted "teen vaping epidemic" became the central focus of legislators at the Federal and State level, all the way down to the Local level. While the increase in teens vaping is certainly legitimate, the illegitimacy of the claims come in assessing the actual percentage of teens that vape in comparison to the percentage of teens that are taking part in other, more harmful and nefarious, activities. However, that's the not the focus of this blog. If you're interested in learning more about that, check out our blogs from just a few weeks ago (and months ago) that we dove headfirst into that topic.

In recent weeks, and as recent as just a few days ago, state AG (attorney's general) of multiple states have filed lawsuits against this company for their marketing practices and being linked to the spike in teen vaping. However warranted, it's happening, and there's not much anyone can do to stop it aside from advocating for adult's rights to less-harmful vaping products. 

While we don't have much to report on the current status of these lawsuits, it's important to keep in mind that they could be huge turning points for the entire industry. Currently, Facebook and other social media giants are being assessed in Federal courts for their influence and whether or not they need to be broken up as monopolies. If you can fathom what that would mean for the social media world, you can imagine what it would mean for the vape company in question to lose in court. Because it owns such a massive share of the vaping industry market, what happens to them could likely be extended to smaller and less influential vape companies and shops. 

At this time, we're calling for even more increased advocacy from those of the constituents of these states, as well as folks who reside across the United States, to help lobby and increase awareness about the efficacy of vape products to help adult smokers to quit.

If we give up now, the industry we've grown to love and appreciate will not have much longer to thrive. Instead, we must double-down in our efforts in order to protect the products that have changed our lives forever. 

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