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Where do I go for help with my vape?

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Something that often can become a roadblock for smokers who are quitting with vaping is the troubleshooting process. While you never want to enter a stage that you're in need of assistance with your vape or vape juice, the likelihood that it will arise is pretty high. However, if you make sure to keep a few things in mind, you can almost always find the right person to help you with whatever problems you may be experiencing, and you probably won't ever have to leave your house (or couch) to take care of it. Today, we're going to go through what we believe are the best routes to assistance that exist in the vaping space!

Online Customer Service/Live Chat

If you need an answer right now, Live Chat support at your online vendor can be the most effective way to get the help you're looking for. At VistaVapors, we've got reps available 24/7 to assist you with whatever might be going on, and it makes the process from needing help to being completely functional a totally seamless experience. In addition, if you've got a deeper or more tedious issue, particularly one with a malfunctioning device or vape juice that doesn't taste right, the customer service staff at your online vendor is almost always available by email. At VistaVapors, that is certainly the case. Granted, it's not instantaneous assistance in many cases, but ultimately the resolution to your issue is just an email or two away. Rather than driving all over town or visiting the customer service desk at a local shop, you can, from the comfort of your own home, reach out to the support staff and be confident that your issue is going to be resolved.

Reddit and Social Media

It's not always that we would recommend going to a social media site and broadcasting out to the ether to get a resolution to your problem, but we can say that /r/electronic-cigarette is one of the most prolific help sources in the entire world. With over 180,000 members, this subreddit is an excellent place for you to ask questions and get assistance from experienced vapers, no matter where they are in the world. It's a free online platform that simply requires creating an account in order to post, and as long as you pay attention to the guidelines of the subreddit, you're bound to find a very quick resolution to whatever your problem may be. On top of the many vapers that exist in the space, there are also vendors that reach out a helping hand as well, so there are often legitimate experts on-hand to help.

Vaping Underground and other private forums

While you need an account and need to be vetted in order to have access to posting and commenting, forums like Vaping Underground are another place that you can get answers to your vaping questions. Unlike Reddit, however, users on these platforms have an informal "rating" that showcases how helpful they've been in the past and what their expertise is on vaping subject matter. So, when you get an answer from one of the "big dogs" on these forums, you know you're hearing from a tried and true expert, and you can count on their advice being both valuable and worth giving a try!

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