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Can vaping really save you money?

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The very short answer is yes!  The biggest investment into vaping is buying your first electronic cigarette.  You will also have to buy vape juice and coils regularly. Just an FYI you will be surprised on how much you can actually save just over a years time.  Let's take a look at the numbers...

How much does smoking cost (Per year)?

Obviously this depends on how much one smokes.  Based on statistics the average american smokes between 10 to 20 cigarettes per day (1/2 pack to 1 pack).  The price you spend will vary greatly

depending on the state you live in.

Check out the table below to see what the average pack of cigarettes costs per state:

State Name Average Price Per Pack
New York $10.45
Massachusetts $9.08
Hawaii $8.99
Connecticut $8.91
Rhode Island $8.87
Alaska $8.81
Minnesota $8.40
Pennsylvania $8.27
Washington $8.05
Vermont $8.01
Wisconsin $7.67
New Jersey $7.66
Illinois $7.56
District of Columbia $7.30
Arizona $6.92
Maine $6.62
Maryland $6.60
New Mexico $6.53
Michigan $6.44
Nevada $6.44
Utah $6.43
Oklahoma $6.12
Montana $6.11
Ohio $6.10
South Dakota $6.01
Kansas $5.89
Iowa $5.83
New Hampshire $5.81
Texas $5.78
Indiana $5.56
California $5.53
West Virginia $5.53
Delaware $5.50
Florida $5.50
Arkansas $5.49
Mississippi $5.47
Louisiana $5.42
Alabama $5.37
Kentucky $5.36
Nebraska $5.32
Colorado $5.26
Oregon $5.26
Idaho $5.23
Tennessee $5.10
South Carolina $5.05
Wyoming $5.04
Georgia $4.92
North Carolina $4.87
North Dakota $4.82
Virginia $4.78
Missouri $4.38

Based on 1 years time:

Highest (New York: $10.45 a pack): 1/2 pack a day = $1,907.13.  1 pack a day = $3,814.25

Closest Average (Utah: $6.43 a pack): 1/2 pack a day =  $1,173.48. 1 pack a day = $2,347

Lowest (Missouri: $4.38 a pack): 1/2 pack a day = $799.35.  1 pack a day = $1,598.7

As you can see, smoking can be quite expensive.  Keep in mind these are only the averages.  Some smokers could be spending 2-5 times more than this per year!

How much does vaping cost buying from VistaVapors (Per year)?

Again this is completely unique for each individual.  Being that there are so many different nicotine levels and systems to vape from these numbers could vary greatly.  Based on our estimates the

average Vaper will vape between 5-10ml of e-juice a day.  So what does the average Vaper spend per year?

Vape Starter kit: $40

Approximately 1 coil every week: $3.00 x 52 = $156.00

5ml per day buying from VistaVapors = $561.00 a year (included starter kit and coils)

10ml per day buying from VistaVapors = $926.00 a year (included starter kit and coils)


As you can see on the low end you will be saving a few hundred dollars every year by switching to vaping.  Depending on the state you live in, you could be saving up to approximately 4 times as much money every year by switching to vaping.  Let us know in the comments what you love about vaping and how much you are saving from making the switch to vaping!?!

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