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Should I get a new vape?

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Sometimes you just get to a point where you've got to re-enter the market and find yourself a new vape. Whether that time comes because you've just got an outdated device that you can't find parts for, or because you've found a new vape juice that you'd like to try in something new, the time will eventually come for anyone that they're ready to get their hands on a new setup. Everyone's vaping situation is different, but we wanted to highlight the importance of getting a new vape because you legitimately need one, for instance, if a particular piece is malfunctioning or you're seeing a decrease in the reliability of the performance. Today, we're going to cover a few situations in which getting a new vape is truly your only option, so you can be prepared if something like this arises.

Broken battery door/Malfunctioning battery pack

If at any point in your vaping journey you've had a broken battery door or malfunctioning battery pack, you know what we're saying when we mention that it's a must-replace kind of situation. If your power source would experience any kind of issues, you absolutely have to get back on the market and find something new to use. It's not really even a concern of aesthetics, it's a concern of safety. 

Wet Device

This isn't one of those situations where you can "stick it in rice" and it'll function properly. The amount of power that you're drawing from your vape in order to produce vapor is not worth the risk of using it after it's been covered in water or something else. However, this is not to say that if you accidentally get the bottom a little wet or it gets a little bit of rain on it that it's shot forever. We're talking, "I was standing on the dock and dropped my vape in the lake and it sank to the bottom and then I had to jump in and get it" territory. 

"No Atomizer" or "Atomizer Not Found"

Sometimes, in rare cases, your device will display an error message when you hit the fire button that reads "no atomizer" or "atomizer not found". If you see that message, you may be in relatively dire straights with your current device. However, there is a way to properly test this theory to make sure the issue isn't with your tank or coil. In some of these cases, the coil you have in the tank might not be properly installed, so it's not making a complete connection with the device, or you might be using a coil that's completely burned out and is no longer able to carry a current. To test this, simply put another tank or atomizer on top of your device to see if it reads that coil. If you're getting a reading, the device is not malfunctioning, instead, you need to replace the coil or unscrew it and screw it back in. However, if your other atomizers also show the error message, this likely means that the device is no longer capable of reading a coil. In this rare case, you'll want to get back on the market and find yourself a new device. 

Not Charging

This is a specific use-case that involves internal battery devices, but when your mod no longer is able to charge, or isn't holding a charge for much longer than a few hits, you're going to want to find something new. It seems straightforward, but there are certainly instances in which it can be confusing. For instance, you may have a malfunctioning charging cord or block - in that case you'll want to try charging the device with an array of cords just to make certain. However, in the long run, ensuring that you've got a device that can maintain a charge for an extended period of time is going to be your best bet, so you'll want to get something new.

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