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Smokers' Guide to Vaping

Are you new to vaping? Learn everything you need so that you understand the basics to vaping!

Are you a cigarette smoker? Well, welcome to VistaVapors, and welcome to the World of Vaping! In itself, vaping technology was derived from an urge to find a more easily-adopted and harm-reducing alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Over the last decade, vaping has become more widely known, appreciated, and used as a way to combat the urges to smoke. In turn, vaping has helped millions of Americans drop cigarettes completely. You're here because you want to learn more about vaping; maybe you want to quit smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Regardless of your reasons for reading this, the VistaVapors Smoker's Guide to Vaping will take you through all the ins and outs of the technology!

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the coined term of e-cigarette and personal vaporizer technology, describing the action of inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an atomizer. Much like a bowler goes bowling, a 'vaper' is someone who partakes in the use of a vaporizer or e-cigarette. 

There is a lot of information to be learned in the vaping world, but it can really all be broken down into four distinct categories. The Tank (AKA Atomizer or Clearomizer), the Battery, the eJuice (e-liquid), and the Nicotine. Each of these four categories will be explained in brief detail on this page, with subsequent links bringing you to a more thorough breakdown of each of them, but for now, let's start from the top (literally!).


The tank of an e-cigarette is the housing device for the e liquid and the atomizer. An atomizer of some sort exists in every tank, and is responsible for the actual vaporizing of the e-juice. The tank sits atop the battery and the atomizer is activated by the fire-button on the battery. Once the fire button is pushed, the atomizer will begin to heat up the juice, vaporizing it almost instantly, to be inhaled and exhaled as you would do with a cigarette. Atomizers come in all shapes and sizes to go along with the shape and structure of the tank itself. For beginners, it's important to note that keeping things simple is the right way to start. Unless you're familiar with electrical concepts like Ohm's law, it's best to begin by using a tank that does not require any extra steps to get started. For beginners, we recommend a tank like the Vista Nova

The Vista Nova tank is a great way to start vaping!

Every tank has a mouthpiece, an airflow channel, a chimney, and an atomizer. The mouthpiece sits atop the tank and is the place that one would draw the vapor from while the device is being used. Air is drawn through the device through the airflow channel, which is normally located near the bottom of the tank, and causes the depressurization that allows the user to inhale through the mouthpiece. The chimney is the conduit for the vaporized e-liquid, and is also the internal housing for the atomizer(s), which can range in style and effectiveness. 


Batteries are the life behind a functional vaporizing device, and are pivotal in determining what kind of vaping experience you are looking for. There are a vast range of batteries and devices on the market that vary in structure, housing, and orientation, but as a beginner it's important that you begin to understand the batteries themselves. Many devices contain an internal battery that is charged by connecting it to a power source. While some internal batteries are charged with an eGo thread, others can be charged by using a USB cord. The function of the battery is simply to supply power to the atomizer to vaporize the juice, and it does so by generating a current that flows through the circuit created by the positive and negative connections on the atomizer. When activating the battery (often by pushing a button on the side of the device) you are supplying power to the atomizer to vaporize the liquid; therefore, draining some of the energy that has been stored in the battery during the charging process. 

From beginners to advance users, check out the different batteries and how they should be used.

Many devices require external, high-drain, batteries for usage, but most of those devices are not meant for beginner vapers. However, it's poignant to note that battery safety is of the utmost importance when using an e-cigarette or vaping device. When used improperly, or without the knowledge of battery safety, unintended accidents can occur and can put the user in harm's way. As someone new to vaping, your first example of a battery will likely not be an external one, so here is a great example of a beginner's battery. More often than not, a device with an internal battery requires minimal maintenance, and only requires the occasional charge in order to continue using the e-cigarette.


The active 'ingredient' in an e-cigarette is Nicotine, which is channeled and attained through the vaporizing of the e-liquid in the device. E-Liquid, or E-Juice as it is commonly referred to, contains four basic ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Food Grade Flavoring, and Nicotine. We give a full breakdown of all of these ingredients in our video, What Is E-Juice?

Learn more about the components that make up vape juice.

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are found in liquid form at room temperature, and are the ingredients that make up the bulk of an E-Juice solution. Propylene Glycon is often found in other vaporizing devices like inhalers and nebulizers, and Vegetable Glycerin can be found in just about anything in your pantry! Most commonly, it's found in Vegetable oil, as it is what keeps the oil in liquid form! If you'd like more information regarding PG and VG, we've got an entire article dedicated to just that

Food Grade Flavoring sounds, in itself, like something you've never seen or experienced before, but on the contrary! You can find food grade flavoring in just about every food on the grocery store shelf. In food manufacturing, these flavorings are used to enhance the flavor of such products, and in vaping they are what make the juices have such incredible flavor!


As the primary active ingredient in e-juice, and the major variable in all e-juice blends, understanding Nicotine and what it does is very important. As a former smoker or tobacco user, you've been exposed to nicotine in the past, however, you've not experienced a case in which you could deliberately choose your Nicotine intake preference. That's part of what makes vaping such a powerful tool as a harm reduction product for smokers and tobacco users. Now, you are in control, not the company that makes the products you use. 

With Vaping you are getting Nicotine delivery based on the percentage of Nicotine per the volume of juice you have. This means that someone who is using 12mg juice need only step down to 6mg juice in order to cut back on their usage. For someone that is a smoker, this would be more difficult to do because the amount of Nicotine they are intaking per Cigarette doesn't change. Nicotine is addictive, and that is an important thing to remember if ever considering using an e-cigarette. However, as a harm reduction product, e-cigarettes do not include the 500+ additional chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes. To be fully informed, we encourage you to learn as much as you can through reading our article, "Nicotine: What is it?".

In closing, vaping is a vast realm of jargon and different knowledge, but with a little initiative and elbow grease, it's much easier to get the hang of than you'd think.  If you've decided you're going to get started vaping, check out our Vista Top 5 Kit. It's the perfect starter kit for any vaper, as it comes with a device and juice! We're here to help with any questions that you may have, so please do send us an email at support@vistavapors.com or use the chat feature available on our website if you've got any questions! In addition to that, we have plentiful blogs and information that you can use to further educate yourself on the world of vaping, so check out the blogs below:

What in The World Are PG and VG?

Nicotine: What is it?

What in the heck is Ohm's Law?

The Wonderful World of Box Mods

We hope to see you soon! Vape on!

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